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Brighton Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

By July 19, 2019No Comments

Lose Weight at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveAre you trying to lose weight rapidly for a special occasion or in time for your holiday and have set yourself an unrealistic target, leaving you feeling disheartened? Perhaps you have been advised to manage your weight for health reasons and are under pressure to control your eating habits. You may have already recognised that fad or crash diets aren’t sustainable in the long term and are unlikely to achieve the results you’d hoped for. If your life has become a negative cycle of yo-yo dieting, with short periods where you deprive yourself of certain foods only to be followed by over-indulgence, hypnotherapy for weight loss in Brighton at the Conway Practice can help you to introduce a new approach to your eating habits.*

Hypnotherapy takes a holistic approach to weight management and addresses thesource ofany negativity in your relationship with food.* The tendency to overeat frequently has its origin in the formative years and can be a result of being scolded as a child for not finishing everything you’ve been given. This can then be stored in the subconscious, leaving you with the false belief that you will hurt the feeder’s feelings if you don’t eat the food being offered. Family eating traits are often carried through to adulthood, perpetuating an unhealthy and negative eating pattern. During hypnosis while your mind is open and receptive to positive suggestion, Jonathan will guide you to re-evaluate any misconceptions you may have regarding food that by eating less than everyone else at the table, others will think badly of you.*

Habitually consuming food when you’re not actually hungry is a form of compulsive eating and can be linked to boredom when your automatic response is to reach for a snack as a distraction to pass the time. Eating compulsively as a means of comfort and self-reward is a common trait when you are feeling lonely, or are anxious and angry. Hypnosis is a safe and very effective therapeutic process enabling you to recognise the difference between emotional and physical hunger, resulting in mindful eating and the ability to find positive distractions.* Stress-reducing relaxation techniques will activate your coping mechanisms during difficult situations, without the need to eat to achieve a feeling of self-reward and emotional well-being.*

Hypnosis can be very effective in establishing a weight management programme, enabling you to improve your feelings of self-worth and to maintain a healthier life-style.*

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