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Brighton Hypnotherapy to Cope with Social Anxiety

Hypnotherapy in BrightonCoping with a social phobia, can be challenging to overcome without the right support. At The Conway Practice, Hypnotherapy in Brighton to manage social anxiety will explore the subconscious triggers responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ reflex when faced with stressful situations.* The fear response happens not because you are in danger, but because you believe you are.  A social phobia is characterised by an intense fear of circumstances where you might be judged, embarrassed, or scrutinised by others. This extreme anxiety can be both emotionally and physically overwhelming and persistent, often leading to significant distress and the inability to communicate effectively with others.

The core of social anxiety lies in the fear of negative evaluation. You may worry excessively about being perceived negatively, making mistakes, or being the centre of attention. This anxiety often manifests in various social contexts, such as public speaking, meeting new people, or even simple activities like eating in front of others. These beliefs can be so debilitating that you may well go to great lengths to avoid these situations, leading to social isolation and difficulties in both personal and professional relationships.

During therapeutic intervention with hypnosis, Jonathan Conway will help you to identify the subconscious prompts related to your phobic reaction, enabling you to recognise the origin of your fear.* You may for example have experienced criticism from parents or care-givers during childhood, leaving you with a negative self-belief. Environmental influences, such as traumatic social experiences or not living up to your parents’ expectations, can also contribute to further shape the development of your fear.

Hypnotherapy will help you to challenge and reframe negative thoughts with positive affirmations, gradually building confidence and reducing social avoidance.* New coping mechanisms can also be introduced, with calming methods and positive visualisation techniques.*

A social phobia can be complex and challenging, but by understanding the root cause of your anxiety with hypnosis, you can take a step forward towards managing your fears and recognising your true self-worth, to ultimately improve your quality of life and emotional well-being*

Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway can take place at The Conway Practice in Brighton, or if more convenient, remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone.*

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