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Coaching with hypnotherapy and NLP in Harley Street

By November 19, 2020No Comments

Hypnosis at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveIf you are looking for help to achieve your optimal potential, improve relationships and general well-being, Jonathan Conway provides life coaching sessions combining hypnotherapy and NLP in Harley Street at the Conway Practice. You may be more familiar with the benefits of hypnosis, but have less understanding of NLP and how these therapeutic interventions can be applied together.

NLP is an abbreviation for Neuro Linguistic Programming and refers primarily to the spoken word; what we say and how we say it. Words are generated from our thoughts and the language used affects not only our own behaviour, but also the response of others, both positive and negative.* There may be areas of your life where you feel you are not achieving your true potential and although you may say that you are ready for change, the words you use can give a completely different message. For example, do you frequently find yourself using the subtly evasive words such as ‘hopefully’, ‘possibly’, ‘I’ll try’ or ‘with any luck’? When you hear someone using phrases such as “I’ll see if I can be there” or “I should be able to make it”, they may well be showing a lack of reliability and commitment.

So why combine NLP with hypnotherapy? Coaching often requires deeper issues from past conditioning and experiences to be addressed in order to access and draw on your inner resources.* During coaching sessions with hypnotherapy and NLP  in Harley Street, Jonathan will evaluate your speech and overall posture.* Although signals are given verbally, body language is also an important visual key and together they provide a mind map. NLP coaching will provide an insight into your untapped strengths and life-skills, with greater clarity of thought and more effective communication.* During the relaxed state of hypnosis, any subconscious negative perceptions can be addressed and new coping mechanisms introduced.*

Good communication skills are invaluable not only in personal relationships, but also within a professional environment, especially during negotiations. Improving your own ability to interact also makes it easier to interpret how others engage with you.* Hypnotherapy and NLP provides the opportunity for personal and professional development, with the inner resources to bring about positive change* Jonathan Conway has 25 years of professional experience as a Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner. Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions are also available remotely by telephone, Skype or Zoom.

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