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Find Help for Social Anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Brighton

By March 25, 2022No Comments

The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveSocial anxiety is more extreme than simply feeling shy and can cause an avoidance in all interaction with others whenever you feel outside of your comfort zone. This is a common phobia and can feel overwhelming in various situations, not only in a social environment. This is often triggered when you feel you are being scrutinised or judged, especially when you are faced with speaking or eating in front of anyone you aren’t at ease with. You can find help for social anxiety with hypnotherapy in Brighton and this is available during face-to-face sessions at The Conway Practice with Jonathan or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone.*

The origin of a social phobia can differ considerably, reflecting environmental factors and early life influences. After the recent period of self-isolation and a restriction in outside social engagement, the prospect of returning to the ‘new normal’ outside of the home may well be challenging for anyone who finds it stressful to interact with others. This isn’t only in a social context, it can also have a negative impact on communication within the workplace when faced with business meetings, interviews or presentations.

Previous incidents where you have felt embarrassed or insecure can remain stored in the subconscious mind, leading you to believe that this will always reoccur in similar situations. Although this may be an irrational fear, it can result in the avoidance of putting yourself in the same position again. While you are relaxed and at ease during therapeutic intervention sessions with hypnosis, Jonathan Conway will help you to address these fears by introducing self-empowering strategies which will be beneficial in restoring self-esteem and confidence.*

A social phobia is not only an emotional disorder, it also commonly manifests as a physical reaction to the ‘fight or flight’ response when faced with a perceived threat or vulnerability. The increase in adrenalin is commonly experienced as bodily discomfort including feelings of nausea, shaking and dizziness. New coping mechanisms with distraction and calming techniques will reduce the stress reflex, allowing you to feel comfortable and in control.* For those experiencing social anxiety, hypnotherapy can be liberating, leaving you free to enjoy social interaction with ease, without fear or discomfort.*

For an appointment to find help for social anxiety with hypnotherapy in Brighton ring Jonathan Conway today on 07956 855 027