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How hypnotherapy can help to overcome a fear of flying

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How hypnotherapy can help to overcome a fear of flying*

For many, the anticipation of jetting away on an aeroplane is exciting, but when the level of excitement increases to extreme anxiety, air travel is no longer a pleasure. At the Conway Practice, hypnotherapy can help to overcome a fear of flying by identifying the source of your phobia and the subconscious reaction to the triggers which prompt the ‘flight or fight’ response to perceived danger.*

Hypnosis addresses the default negative thinking which fuels panic and anxiety and replaces any irrational fears with more positive coping mechanisms.*  When you say that you are afraid to board an aircraft, this may not actually be due to the dread of not surviving the journey, but is related to other phobias. Feelings of claustrophobia for example can be triggered by a lack of personal space and confinement, with no opportunity to escape.

You might also become fearful in situations where you are not in control. As a passenger you are putting your safety in the hands of a stranger who is behind the doors of the cockpit and who you may never see. If you experienced discomfort in a previous flight, your subconscious will have recorded this as a threatening event with the false belief that there will be a recurrence every time you are in a similar environment.

A state of extreme anxiety at the thought of being confined in close proximity with unfamiliar fellow passengers, can be due to a social phobia and an overwhelming concern that you will embarrass yourself in front of others.

Over time you will have conditioned yourself to react with a stress response to certain situations which your non-conscious mind considers to be threatening.

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to release and re-frame these outdated beliefs and critical thinking.* This becomes easier when you are deeply relaxed during hypnosis and the pathway to the mind is open to positive suggestion. During sessions with hypnosis at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will explore your past experiences which are the trigger to your fear of flying and help you to achieve

higher levels of calm and positivity through relaxation and calming methods.* For more information call Jonathan Conway today on 07956 855 027

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