Lose Weight at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveIf you are one of the many who are concerned about a weight gain while you have been confined to staying at home or a less active regime, in order to achieve the desired weight loss it will be helpful to first understand your relationship with food. Jonathan Conway is a qualified Hypnotherapist and a NLP Master Practitioner with 25 years of experience providing remote by Zoom, Skype or telephone with support for effective weight management.*

What you eat, how much you consume, why you reach for food at certain times and how this affects the way you feel, can all be addressed during remote coaching sessions.* Although you may believe you simply love food too much, in fact there’s likely to be a negative element in your eating habits, especially with compulsive or binge eating. With mindless eating you may not even be aware of how much you’ve eaten and short-lived pleasure tends to be replaced rapidly with a feeling of guilt and regret. Jonathan will explore any deep-seated beliefs and negative assumptions which have shaped your relationship with food over time.* Various factors may well have influenced any self-defeating behaviour, creating a barrier to losing weight.

Food is frequently used as a form of comfort, to relieve anxiety or boredom and as a reward after a difficult day. By identifying the eating patterns and subconscious prompts which trigger the hand-to-mouth habit, you can become more mindful, focusing on positive distractions and new coping mechanisms to reduce stress.*

One-to-one remote coaching for weight loss can help you to implement a beneficial and healthier life-style change, learning how to recognise the difference between emotional and physical hunger cues.* Jonathan will introduce self-hypnosis techniques and stress-reducing calming methods, enabling eating to become a balanced activity and not a habit that dominates your life.*  Call Jonathan Conway today on 07956 855 027