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How to lose weight with hypnotherapy for a healthier life

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How to lose weight with hypnotherapy for a healthier life*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you’ve been trying to manage your weight and have found that crash dieting and fad diets are ineffective and not sustainable in the long term, help to lose weight with hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice is a safe and natural way to achieve your goal.* Hypnotherapy approaches weight loss differently, by enabling you to identify the reasons behind your difficulty in maintaining a positive relationship with food.*

Eating habits will generally have developed over time and you may not be consciously aware of why you are prompted to overeat or are more inclined to high-calorific and weight gaining foods. During the hypnosis session, while your mind is more open to positive suggestion and memory recall, Jonathan Conway will help you to recognise the sub-conscious triggers which affect your ability to follow a more healthy eating regime.

Mindless eating and endless snacking is common, when you are unaware of how much or even what you are consuming. This can be a result of boredom and a means to pass the time. Airlines for example are aware that passengers may not be physically hungry, but if food is served during the flight the focus will be more on eating than on the time spent during the journey. It’s also easy to consume a large tub of popcorn while watching TV or a movie without even realising it, as the habit is associated with relaxation. Hypnotherapy to help you lose weight can be very effective in helping you to be more aware of your behaviour and to understand how to avoid the circumstances which prompt a habitual action and to develop a more beneficial response.*  .

Emotional eating is actually not a craving for food; it’s the motivational need for comfort and reward. Emotional hunger is quite different from being physically hungry. An association with certain foods considered as comforting can often be traced back to childhood, remaining stored as a subconscious cue during times of stress or vulnerability. Instead of trying to remove negative feelings by resorting to food as a solution, hypnosis focuses on introducing new coping mechanisms to raise your self-worth and manage stress more efficiently.*

The aim of hypnotherapy is to eliminate bad habits and replace them with good ones, enabling you to visualise how you can achieve your weight loss goal and a healthier life style.*  Call Jonathan Conway today on 07956 855 027