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Hypnotherapy for Help to Quit Smoking in Brighton

By October 19, 2021No Comments

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street to Stop Smoking at The Conway PracticeIf you’re a smoker who has tried and failed to quit the habit,  instead of looking back at past failures, hypnotherapy for help to quit smoking in Brighton at the Conway Practice will focus on your future self and well-being without the nicotine dependence.*

Smoking is no longer the glamorous pastime previously depicted in movies and the media, where cigarettes were promoted as a rewarding and positive experience with endorsements from celebrities. If you began to smoke during your impressionable teenage years the habit may well have become an integral part of your daily life and the thought of being without a cigarette is likely to feel overwhelming. Hypnosis is a safe and effective therapeutic intervention which provides holistic support to help with smoking cessation without the use of nicotine replacement products or prescribed medication.*

You probably believe that your greatest challenge will be to free yourself from the nicotine addiction, but the repeated movement of the hand-to-mouth action for a smoker can result in a subconscious craving to handle a cigarette even without any physical discomfort from substance withdrawal. This is often present while in the company of other smokers, where you may have only just finished smoking a cigarette when you are offered another, which you accept as a subconscious response to social mirroring.

Nicotine isn’t the only reason you’ve found it difficult to quit the habit. It’s important to understand your smoking triggers and when these occur during your daily routine and rituals. An inability to manage stress and anxiety frequently leads to the reliance on smoking as a comfort blanket, even though the relief is short-lived. During hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway while your conscious mind is focused, relaxed and more receptive to positive suggestion, healthier coping mechanisms can be introduced to help you to overcome any negative habitual behaviour.*

Overcoming the hurdles to quitting the smoking habit can be achieved with hypnotherapy when relaxation methods such as controlled deep breathing exercises and visualisation techniques are in place.  Safe therapeutic help to quit smoking with hypnosis in Brighton, is available either during face-to-face sessions with Jonathan or remotely by Skype, Zoom or telephone.*

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