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HYpnotherapy in Harley StreetYou’re not alone if you have experienced a weight gain during the unprecedented period of lock-down. As we prepare to return to a more familiar routine, if you feel motivated to lose weight and to follow a healthier eating regime, hypnotherapy for weight loss in Harley Street is available at The Conway Practice, either in face-to-face appointments with Jonathan Conway, or remotely by Skype, Zoom or telephone. Hypnosis is a safe therapeutic intervention which addresses your relationship with food and supports you in the management of your eating habits by focusing on improving your self-esteem, health and nutrition.*

Although a more sedentary lifestyle and limited access to exercise has contributed to gaining weight, anxiety and boredom are also significant factors in the reliance on food as a coping method. With easy access to the fridge and food storage cupboards, compulsive snacking often takes place to pass the time, or to relieve anxiety. During sessions with hypnotherapy for weight loss, Jonathan will determine the subconscious prompts which relate to your food dependence.* You may have already found that crash and fad diets aren’t sustainable in the long term and often result in disappointment and a negative roller-coaster of food deprivation, followed immediately with overindulgence and comfort or compulsive eating.

While you are deeply relaxed under hypnosis, the non-conscious mind is more receptive to positive suggestion.* Jonathan will help you to navigate your food relationship map, exploring the influences and beliefs which have defined your eating habits, often tracing back to early childhood.  Even with the best intentions it’s common for food to be given to a child as a pacifier when they are upset, a reward for good behaviour or as a punishment when they’ve done something wrong. This negative association remains stored in the subconscious and influences eating behaviour later in life. Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Harley Street is a safe and effective way in which to restore balance and to introduce positive coping mechanisms, rebuilding belief systems.* Relaxation and calming methods can be used to reduce anxiety and stress, replacing the emotional dependence on food.*

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