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Hypnotherapy in Brighton to Overcome Social Anxiety After Lockdown

By January 25, 2022No Comments

Hypnosis at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveIf you find it stressful to have face-to-face conversations and have felt more comfortable with remote contact while you have been isolating at home, the prospect of returning to work or meeting up with others again may be overwhelming. Leaving somewhere you consider to be your safe place away from social pressures can be daunting, especially when you don’t know how to prepare for the change in routine and what to expect.  At the Conway Practice, hypnotherapy in Brighton to overcome social anxiety after lockdown can be effective in restoring your confidence, enabling you to feel much calmer and in control.*

During therapeutic intervention with hypnosis, tracing the triggers related to your stress reaction can be the first step in addressing your fears.*  Memories of incidents in the past can remain stored within the subconscious mind and are often significant to feelings of self-doubt and the concern that you will fall short of expectations, or you will say the wrong thing at the wrong time. This commonly causes words to dry up, especially when you are faced with an important presentation such as giving a speech in front of an audience or during a work interview.

The fight or flight response triggers a rapid increase in adrenalin, which results in extreme physical discomfort often experiencing a raised heartbeat, trembling and sweating, with a feeling of nausea. These reactions can have a great impact not only on personal relationships but also limiting career progression. Managing social anxiety with hypnotherapy in Brighton at The Conway Practice is a holistic therapeutic process where negative self-belief can be re-set and replaced with positive affirmations, introducing new coping mechanisms and calming methods.* Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway can be carried out face-t0-face, or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone.

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