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NLP in Brighton & Hove at The Conway PracticeIf you need help to reduce anxiety without travelling, Jonathan Conway provides therapeutic support with life coaching by Skype, Zoom or telephone. Sessions can be arranged at convenient times from the comfort of your familiar environment and many find this physical distance preferable to face-to-face meetings.

Stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on your qualify of life and limit the ability to think clearly about your options and to see a positive way forward. If your daily routine has been disrupted, this may well cause confusion and a lack of self-motivation. During remote coaching sessions, Jonathan will talk through your concerns and identify the origins of any anxious feelings to establish how new coping mechanisms can be introduced to comfortably manage the stress response.*

The increase in adrenalin during stressful situations is the ‘flight or fight’ reaction, when the mind perceives there to be a threat, either physical danger or an emotional response to an anxious state of mind. This can be detrimental to health and well-being, often resulting in high blood pressure, insomnia and poor digestion. If you feel under pressure due to the weight of personal responsibilities, or are concerned that you are not in control and at the helm professionally, life coaching can be beneficial in helping to calm any fears and uncertainty.*

Relaxation methods can be introduced and any negative thoughts which have been stored in the subconscious will be identified and addressed. Self-hypnosis, combined with neuro linguistic programming (NLP) will enable you to conquer your fears, reducing anxiety and stress.* These are safe and powerful therapeutic techniques which will be applied to help calm and focus the mind, while improving your communication and interaction skills. With a more positive mindset you will be able to enjoy the present and look forward to the future.

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