Personal Development Coaching at The Conway PracticeDuring these challenging times we find ourselves in, for many this can be stressful when time spent outside of the familiar routine brings feelings of confusion and a loss of clear direction for the future. If you are finding that your anxiety levels have increased, with negative thoughts overpowering positivity, Jonathan Conway can provide personal coaching for stress management by Skype, Zoom, or telephone, no matter where you are calling from.

You may not be physically alone, but if there is no one with whom you can explain your concerns, this can feel lonely. Many prefer remote coaching over face-to-face sessions as it’s often easier to talk from the familiarity of their own home, with the same benefits of confidentiality and impartial, non-judgemental advice.

Stress and anxiety have a negative impact not only on clarity of thought, but are also potentially harmful to health and well-being. Seeking professional support is the first step to achieving a calm and uncluttered mind which is free of negative self-belief and lack of confidence. During remote coaching your aspirations for the future and a positive view of the road ahead can be discussed openly, enabling you to focus on personal growth, rather than on any set-backs or perceived failures in the past.

Jonathan will explore any feelings of dissatisfaction or sources of conflict which are triggering stress reactions and introduce positive coping strategies which will be of value in making beneficial life changes, personally or professionally. This is about building a therapeutic trust relationship, where you are able to talk freely about any areas of your life where you feel anxious and unfulfilled.

Therapeutic coaching with Jonathan will be a healing process in which you will be able to view the situation from a new perspective, leaving you feeling less emotionally isolated. By understanding the origin of your anxiety, you will learn how to recognise and deal with these subconscious prompts whenever they arise in the future. Support will be given to reduce anxiety caused by negative patterns of thinking or situational stressors with relaxation techniques, allowing you to create life-changing solutions.

Call to book your Skype. Zoom or telephonane session today on 07956 855 027