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Stop Smoking at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveAs a smoker, how many times have you said this would be your last cigarette, only to revert to smoking as a go-to coping mechanism? Stop smoking support with hypnotherapy in Brighton is available with Jonathan at The Conway Practice, or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone if this is more convenient.* Hypnosis is a safe and effective therapeutic process which takes a holistic approach by exploring the deeper reasons for your dependence on smoking and the subconscious triggers to the hand-to-mouth habit.*

You may believe that your addiction to nicotine is your main hurdle to quitting, but the withdrawal affects are relatively short-lived compared to the association with smoking during certain environments and daily routines. You may feel more confident with a cigarette in your hand while socialising, or as a coping method to manage stress. During hypnotherapy sessions when your conscious mind is relaxed and receptive to positive direction, Jonathan Conway will address the reasons why you first began to smoke and why you have found it difficult to stop.*

Smoking during adolescence due to peer pressure and the wish to feel accepted within the social group frequently leads to the smoking habit continuing into adulthood. This familiar feeling of bonding with fellow smokers can result in the false belief that smoking makes you appear more sociable and is often due to low self-esteem. During your formative years, media advertisements which are now banned may have influenced your belief that smokers appear more confident and socially acceptable to others. While under hypnosis, any negative self-beliefs will be replaced with positive affirmations and new coping mechanisms can be introduced.*

Smoking may be your psychological crutch to manage stress and anxiety, in the belief that this is the only option to get through difficult situations and events, both socially and in the workplace. If you are looking for support to stop smoking with hypnotherapy in Brighton, relaxation techniques and calming methods will help you to 0vercome any personally undermining patterns of behaviour and to achieve your goal to become a non-smoker.*

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