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Telephone and Skype coaching for personal development

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Personal Development Coaching at The Conway PracticeAre there times when you feel it would be beneficial to have access to guidance and advice exactly when you need it? Telephone and Skype coaching provides the opportunity to discuss your issues and concerns from wherever you are, giving an advantage of arranging a convenient time within a busy schedule, without the stress or expense of having to travel to the appointment.

You can’t predict or choose when challenging issues or tough decisions will need to be dealt with and these can occur when they are least expected, leaving you unprepared to manage them effectively. If you are faced with a professional dilemma, you may be reluctant to approach work colleagues for help and friends or family can be too removed from the situation or be too emotionally involved give constructive advice.

Skype coaching has opened up a very effective option for counselling, providing a virtual face-to-face session with Jonathan at the Conway Practice, as if you were together in the same room.* Many frequently find that it’s more comfortable to talk freely and to share emotional issues when there is personal space.

If you have reached a crossroads in your life, either in work-life balance, career change or new opportunities, you may need support in order to adapt to the circumstances and challenges these bring. Telephone and Skype coaching can assist you to focus on your goals and to be more decisive, both personally and professionally. Any overwhelming anxiety issues can be addressed by introducing relaxation and stress-reducing techniques, enabling you to take full control of your personal development.

Once you have greater confidence and self-worth, you will have a clear vision of how it’s within your power to remove the fear of change and to achieve more, making a positive difference to all areas of your life.

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