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HYpnotherapy in Harley StreetIf your attempts to lose weight have failed in the past, you may have become disheartened in the belief that you will never achieve your goal. Weight loss help with hypnosis in Harley Street is available in face-to-face appointments with Jonathan at The Conway Practice or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone.*  Fad or yo-yo-dieting isn’t a solution for long-term healthy weight management as this does nothing to address your relationship with food or the subconscious cues which trigger your desire to eat when you are stressed, bored or experiencing low-self-esteem. Hypnosis is a safe and relaxing therapeutic intervention which explores the compulsion to rely on food as a default coping method in certain circumstances and situations.*

Eating can be associated with a need for comfort or a self-reward to compensate for a difficult day and is often a reminder of childhood when food was given as a pacifier or praise. These distant memories can be retained in the unconscious mind, resulting in food becoming the same short-lived remedy to cope with negative beliefs or anxiety and duress. Eating in an attempt to modify negative moods results in a roller-coaster of eating and dieting, impacting on the level of motivation and self-worth.* While the subconscious mind is more responsive to positive suggestion during hypnotherapy, any detrimental beliefs and behaviour can be identified which relate to compulsive or mindless eating.*

Understanding your relationship with food is a vital step towards recognising how the hand-to-mouth habit is activated while you are feeling bored or lonely, Jonathan will help you to appreciate the difference between emotional and physical hunger and why you may continue to eat even when you are full. Guilt often follows a lapse in a healthy eating plan with a negative perception that you don’t deserve to lose weight. Non-judgemental self-awareness will encourage you to overcome a lack of confidence and hypnotherapy can help you to achieve your weight loss goal by replacing any counterproductive thoughts and behaviour with new coping mechanisms and positive visualisation methods.*

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