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Hypnotherapy for Sleep


Being deprived of a restful night’s sleep is likely to disrupt efficiency in carrying out daily tasks and to decrease motivation. Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice can be an extremely affective remedy for insomnia.  Sleep can be greatly improved when your attention is redirected from the troubling thoughts which are inhibiting relaxation.

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Hypnosis for sleep-related conditions is a completely safe and natural therapeutic way to address the inability to relax and ‘switch off’ from the worries and stress experienced during the waking hours.

Medication for insomnia doesn’t solve the problem; it only masks the symptoms and can easily become addictive without achieving a solution to the root cause.

During hypnotherapy sessions, the mind is relaxed and more receptive to positive persuasion, giving easier access to the sub-conscious.  Any limiting behaviour or response to stress and anxiety can be addressed, diverted and replaced with a more positive approach to challenging situations. Guided imagery introduces relaxation techniques which enable you to imagine a tranquil state of being where you feel safe and stress-free.

Restful sleep is crucial for a healthy lifestyle and well-being increasing alertness and concentration. If the subconscious mind has been programmed to behave in a particular way, you will have conditioned yourself to expect a disturbed night’s sleep. Hypnosis can improve sleep patterns by calming the mind and overcoming feelings of restlessness which are the trigger to your insomnia.

By relieving any bodily tension, the mind is also unburdened of irrational worries, resulting in a state of both physical and mental relaxation, ensuring a restorative and refreshing night’s sleep.

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