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Hypnotherapy for Achieving A Work – Life Balance


Do you feel that you’re constantly juggling professional responsibilities with your personal life, trying to find an equilibrium which won’t require you to sacrifice one for the other. As a therapeutic intervention, hypnotherapy for work-life balance focuses on how new coping mechanisms and improved time-management skills can bring harmony to an overstretched lifestyle.

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The advancement in digital technology over the past few decades has revolutionised the way in which we communicate with others on a daily basis. This however has resulted in work related issues encroaching on family life in the belief that it’s essential to remain in contact wherever you are. This makes it extremely difficult to switch off and recharge your energy levels even while on holiday, often resulting in mental and physical exhaustion.

Guilt is often responsible for a reluctance to take time out from professional responsibilities, but is also triggered by being unable to spend an equal measure of time with family and friends. A negative cycle of cause and effect is created, when the professional motivation is to achieve a desirable home environment, but work pressure can mean there’s little quality time devoted to rest and relaxation.

During hypnosis, solution focused techniques can be introduced, addressing any negative beliefs and behaviour which have influenced an inability to effectively manage workloads without sacrificing the home life. Work-place stress not only limits clear thinking and judgement, it can also be demotivating and reduce productivity. Hypnotherapy can help you to manage anxiety with calming methods, paving the way for beneficial lifestyle changes and maximising the time to perform your work better, not harder or longer.

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