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Personal Development –  Helping You With  Career Choices


Has your career progressed in the way you hoped when you first began your working life? Perhaps you have followed a career path chosen for you by parents or education providers and have now discovered that you have missed your true vocation? Parents often believe that if their profession suited them perfectly well,  their children would benefit by following in their footsteps. However, even a generation gap can have an impact on opportunities and demands within the workplace.

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If you have reached a turning point in your life or are ready to take the first step into a competitive environment of the professional world, career coaching can help to ensure your natural talents are put to good use. This will also enable you to establish what your priorities are and how you visualise success. Are you driven to achieve a high income level or are you more concerned about your quality of life and family time?

During coaching sessions with Jonathan, you will be encouraged to visualise what the day to day life in your future looks like. If you are currently trapped in a working role which you know fails to meet your aspirations in the long term, you may find it difficult to summon up the courage to make a crucial career change. Low job satisfaction can have a negative impact on self-confidence, with a lack of belief in your true worth. For anyone without a clear sense of direction and an ultimate goal, coaching provides the opportunity to explore ideas and possibilities with impartial guidance.

During career coaching sessions, hypnotherapy can be applied, introducing coping strategies to overcome any feelings of anxiety or self-doubt and to shape the next phase of your professional and personal journey.

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