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Hypnotherapy for Memory Enhancement


Hypnotherapy is a beneficial therapeutic tool for memory enhancement, helping to increase focus and accelerate learning.* There are different ways in which we individually respond to absorbing information; auditory, written, visual and sensory. While you are under hypnosis in the therapy room, Jonathan will guide you on special retrieval techniques and how to create a positive mindset within a calm learning environment.

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Memory recall is enhanced when the mind is in a relaxed state and the inability to retrieve information is often stress related. During hypnotherapy, calming methods can be introduced, which can be applied before any situation where you are required to remember facts or figures and your knowledge is being tested.

By improving your cognitive skills, fresh information can be processed and retained, resulting in easier access to both your long and short-term memory system. Hypnosis can stimulate an increased state of alertness and receptive concentration when memorising lines, sitting an exam or delivering a presentation.

Stored within the subconscious mind is a database containing all the knowledge that has been absorbed over the years. In the relaxed therapeutic environment, hypnotherapy can help you to process and retrieve this information, increasing your potential to learn new skills or gain additional qualifications in the future. You will be equipped to enter a state of hyper-attentiveness through self-hypnosis, enabling you to be more focused and motivated with a passion for learning.

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