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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Lose Weight: Why Hypnosis?

The reasons why we eat too much or eat the wrong foods are complex. Eating habits are formed early in life and so can be very difficult to change. Hypnosis can be very effective* in helping you to break free from these long standing habits and to take control of your eating choices.

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Lose Weight: The Treatment
  • We discuss the details of what you eat and the beliefs and values that underlie your eating behaviour
  • Using hypnosis I will guide you towards making a change in your patterns of thinking, especially at the level of identity
  • I will use metaphor stories to help you see how you can achieve your goal of losing weight. By identifying with a character in a story you receive a message at a subconscious level that says you can achieve your goal and lose weight
Lose Weight: Practical Steps
  • Keep a food diary to make clear to yourself exactly what you are eating
  • Wait a while before eating in response to a pang of “hunger.” Are you really hungry or is it an emotional hunger?
Personalised Lose Weight Cassette

At the end of each session you are given a personalised cassette for you to play at home. This reinforces the messages you have absorbed during the Lose Weight therapy sessions and helps to keep you on track with your weight loss programme*.

Lose Weight: Take Control

Having completed the “Lose Weight” programme you will find that you feel more confident and relaxed and able to manage all areas of your life more effectively*.

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