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Executive Coaching & Executive Stress Management – Brighton & London


With the modern day fast pace of life, executive stress is becoming increasingly common. Executives frequently find themselves under pressure to meet sales targets, increase profits and deal with daily issues within the workplace.

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Executives and business owners as the decision makers, constantly have to demonstrate they are competent to cope with whatever challenges they are confronted with professionally. Feelings are often repressed and this stress then affects not only emotional well-being, but also physical health.

Executives can often be very self-critical and doubt that they have the ability to achieve the highest potential in their career.  This lack of self-belief can hold them back, seriously limiting progress and achievement. Stress in the workplace will not only have a negative impact on how someone performs in their career, but will also affect their personal life.

Coaching will identify and help to resolve any stress issues you may have, enabling you to manage these effectively and achieve your full potential*.

The Conway Practice offers consultations by appointment at any one of our four consulting rooms, the patient’s home address, or in the place of work. Others in the team can be included in the coaching session if required. Stress coaching can also be given over the telephone or during a Skype session.

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