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Personal Development – Interview Coaching


One-to-one interview coaching assists in not only overcoming any weak presentation skills but also in improving the strengths which can be used to the best advantage. Although you may have prepared your pitch and research thoroughly, awareness that the outcome could be life-changing may well undermine your confidence. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) addresses the way in which you approach and communicate with others, focusing on how this can be improved to give you a better advantage during your interview.

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The spoken words we use are only a small percentage of engagement, with non-verbal communication such as body language and tone of voice making the greatest impression. It’s not simply what you say, but also how you say it that will make the difference to a response. A lowered head with no eye contact for example won’t radiate confidence or enthusiasm. NLP will help you to appreciate how instant rapport can be built with a positive influence from the moment you step into the interview room. This clear communication path initiates the right environment to present yourself in the best light possible in the time you have available.

For those with a speech anxiety, the interview room can be an extremely daunting prospect. Hypnotherapy and NLP are empowering therapeutic methods, which can be used to identify the root cause and triggers to self-limiting fears. Although you may be extremely competent in your profession, being afraid that you will say the wrong thing at the wrong time and be judged badly for it, may inhibit performance during the interview due to an anxious state of mind.

During hypnosis, the origin of negative beliefs stored in your sub-conscious mind can be traced, and replaced with new coping mechanisms and empowering affirmations. Hypnotherapy and the NLP technique of positive framing will enable you to visualise yourself as confident and calm, with the interview as a beneficial experience.

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