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Jonathan has helped me considerably . He has encouraged me to be a lot more positive and helped me with my self esteem. As a result I now go to yoga class and help out at the local animal sanctuary every week.
Jonathan has helped me to look deep into myself and listen to my body. He has helped me to bring light into my darkness.

Rob - January 2020

Rob - Retired Insurance NegotiatorSelf Esteem

Having started seeing Jonathan initially for food control issues I found that there were other longer-term issues affecting my relationship with food. Over several sessions we worked through these other issues and I now feel in better control of many aspects of my life*

Emma, HoveWeight Loss

Jonathan was recommended to me several years ago to assist me with the problems I was suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. During this time he was able to highlight issues that were exacerbating my condition, including the relationship problems I had with my mother. This involved physical and emotional abuse which I had struggled to live with for over 50 years and which had a detrimental effect on the way I approached life and relationships. Jonathan has provided me with many methods that have not only aided my coping mechanisms but given me a much more positive attitude about myself and others. He has always shown professionalism, empathy and enormous understanding. He has encouraged me to alter my way of thinking which has enhanced my life, relationships and my well being*.

Diane, Registered NurseIBS & Relationship Issues

Jonathan helped me find a job I love doing, which at one stage I thought would never be possible. Jonathan was instrumental in installing a sense of confidence in my own abilities and highlighted practical ways to progress my career. Jonathan’s techniques are highly effective and have clearly been honed through years of experience. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wishes to realise their full potential*.

Mark Phillips, Investment ManagerExecutive Coaching & Personal Development

Jonathan introduced me to some very powerful NLP techniques that continue to make a real difference to my life, helping me to overcome some mental barriers…truly liberating*

BRNLP & Managing Anxiety

After the first session where I was taught techniques to help deal with not only exam stress, I noticed improvements. I continued to see Jonathan for several more sessions and we only stopped due to the confidence I had received from the sessions in managing exam anxiety. He gave advice and everything was confidential which allowed me to trust him more. The techniques he used were very effective and I could notice the difference in my cognitive anxiety almost straight away. Jonathan was extremely helpful in almost every way and very good at what he does. I also have the opportunity to see Jonathan again if I need to. My exam performance has improved and my grades improved also!*

Teenage Girl, Aged 16 yearsExam Stress

I needed to seek help to master my anxieties around learning to drive. Jonathan had been recommended to me and I am really glad to try hypnotherapy with him . I found the whole experience to be calming, relaxing and beneficial . I was able to get over my nerves and employ the anchoring technique that I learnt from him to positive effect before my lessons.

I also had a session with Jonathan the day before my driving test and I am really pleased to be able to report that I passed. I would wholeheartedly recommend hypnotherapy with Jonathan – particularly with regard to exam related stress.

Not DisclosedExam Stress

I first started seeing Jonathan just after my mother passed as it seemed the right time for me to work on a number of issues in my life that I wanted to improve upon. I had some issues around lack of confidence, which stemmed from long -standing low self esteem ; putting everyone else first, and myself last, if at all. Jonathan very patiently helped me to build self esteem and encouraged me to widen my circle of friends, and to do new activities, gently challenging me when I came up with every excuse you can think of for not doing things.!

Jonathan used a range of techniques to help me feel confident, including practical techniques to use at work, when I needed to. I’m certain that these practical techniques helped me to cope much better. Jonathan also used hypnotherapy where appropriate ,and it was fascinating how the use of hypnotherapy can make such a difference. For example when I was feeling particularly anxious Jonathan used hypnosis which made me feel so much calmer and eventually really peaceful, which was such a relief and felt wonderful.

Carol Atkins, Senior Manager NHSSelf Esteem

I saw Jonathan with regards to my depression and anxiety . Through Jonathan’s healing process and guidance I am now feeling more positive and have been taught to self hypnotise which helps when my anxiety flares up. Thanks for your help

June Jarvis, Retired CarerAnxiety Management

Jonathan is highly attentive and intuitive. This enabled me to work out how to clear some long standing energy drains. I’m much happier and feel that my life is more balanced as a result.

Jan M HR ConsultantManaging Anxiety

I wanted to re-iterate how helpful our sessions have been over these past few months. Working within the ‘not for profit’ sector, the challenges more often than not are greater than those in a profit organization and as a result of our coaching sessions, I am now better equipped to deal with “difficult “ people and focus on motivating and empowering both our numerous volunteers and paid staff:

Thank you once again Coach!

Nilufer ChairmanExecutive Coaching

I first discovered Jonathan after my mum went into care.
I was looking to address weight issues initially ,then soon realized the weight was a physical manifestation of some deeper issues which we were able to look at over the following year or so .
I felt safe with Jonathan,he is kind and insightful. I trust him and felt supported by him whilst investigating deeper traumas. As a spiritual being Jonathan was able to meet with me on that level .
I am very grateful to him for the work that we did together.

Sophie - Fine Artist - BrightonWeight Loss

Hi Jonathan,
I thought that you might be interested to know that I completely stopped smoking in November 2021! I believe the sessions were the trigger . I also gave up alcohol in May 2022 and took steps to improve myself and attitude through Rise. I’m in a much better place and more the person I wanted to be and in control of what I can control ! - Tessa, January 2023

TessaStopped Smoking