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Self-Hypnosis for Personal Development



Self-hypnosis is an empowering and effective method for personal development, enabling positive life changes. This can also reinforce the benefits of techniques learned during hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice. Whenever you are facing life challenging situations or are stressed and anxious, accessing a relaxed hypnotic state through self-hypnosis opens a pathway to your inner strengths and resources.

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The essence of hypnotherapy is in the ability to reach the sub-conscious mind, where over time all the memories and experiences, both positive and negative have been stored. This is where our automatic responses are triggered, including the flight or fight reaction to perceived threats, phobias and harmful habitual behaviour. Although you may be aware that these responses are irrational, the conscious mind isn’t able to make the desired changes without the means to recognise the root cause.

Self-hypnosis is a specific method of focus which identifies the origin of any limiting beliefs, fears and negativity. This is a resolution state of mind where negative thoughts can be replaced with affirmations of self-worth, confidence, and creativity, with the courage to meet future challenges and achieve your goals.* As a relaxation technique, the calming affect gives a greater clarity of thought and can be applied to improve exam preparation, before a speech or an interview to relieve stress and a fear of failure. Repetitive or addictive behaviour such as mindless eating or smoking can also be resolved.*

Hypnotic suggestion is a therapeutic and restorative tool and once you have learned the technique, following professional guidance during the initial hypnotherapy sessions, no special preparation is needed. At an appropriate time in a comfortable and quiet place with no distractions, practising self-hypnosis will enable you to introduce positive ideas and thoughts into your subconscious mind.* By focusing on your personal statements and positive visualisation, the results can be liberating, inspiring and life changing.*

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