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Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking, Presentations & Stage Fright


Many people are nervous about making a presentation or actually experience intense fear or panic at the idea of making a presentation. E.g. shaking, going blank and forgetting lines.

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Many people can be ‘nervous’ about making a presentation or a wedding speech or an actor can be nervous about his or her lines.

Often people will experience physical panic, shaking, shallow breathing, increase in heart rate etc which can develop into a full blown panic attack.

It is possible to assist such people by using a combination of hypnosis and NLP to overcome these fears*.

I would often use an NLP ‘phobia cure’ so that the person can create more space between the first experiences that triggered the phobia and now*.

It can be useful to utilise a circle of excellence technique to help the person access the resources the person needs and then teaching the person how to anchor the state*.

I would then use a visualization process to help the person to access the resources that he/she would need in order the make an excellent presentation/speech etc so that the person can enjoy the presentation rather than dreading it*.

I would also teach the person self-hypnosis which he/she could use before an important meeting or presentation*.

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