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Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching for Personal Development


If you have reached a cross-roads in your life and feel you are marooned in a boring or non-productive routine, hypnotherapy can help with personal development by enabling you to recognise any self-limiting perceptions ensuring you are able to move forward.

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You may have aspirations of goals you want to achieve, but are unable to get off the starting blocks. This is often due to a subconscious fear of failure and the tendency to view any obstacles way out of proportion. Hypnotherapy provides a pathway to the non-conscious mind, where memories of past experiences are stored and negative thoughts have been restricting the motivation for change.* Once these have been identified and addressed, you will be able to focus on your personal development and life-goals.

As well as identifying the barriers to personal development, hypnosis is also a solution focused therapeutic process, helping you to move in the right direction by introducing new coping mechanisms and restoring self-belief. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and hypnotherapy sessions are tailored to individual circumstances and needs. With a more positive mind-set, new strategies for setting your own goals can be set in motion.

Hypnotherapy assists in removing self-doubt and the negative programming of a ‘what if it all goes wrong’ attitude, which will be detrimental to change.* Believing in your self-worth is essential to achieving your true potential and an affirmation of your positive traits can be extremely empowering. Short-term goals can be set initially and progress made set by step, giving you the confidence to move forward and live the life you aspire to.

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