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Hypnotherapy to Help You Manage Anxiety


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Managing Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

Do you find it so difficult to manage your anxiety levels that it has a damaging and disruptive affect on your daily life? There are differing levels of anxiety, ranging from mild nervous tension to a feeling of overwhelming fear when faced with certain situations. Hypnotherapy can help you to understand the root cause of this disorder and how those negative feelings can be reduced.*

Where and when you do feel most anxious?

Social Phobias

For some, socialising with others even in family groups is stressful and social anxiety can be not only overwhelming but also often results in missed opportunities and social isolation.

General Anxiety Disorder

You may find yourself worrying over completing simple tasks or imagining negative outcomes with no valid reason for doing so. This can be not only mentally distressing but may cause physical symptoms such as headaches, irritability and sleeplessness.

Panic Attacks

If you experience panic attacks you will know that they are likely to occur without any warning. The fear alone of this happening however may well act as a trigger to other episodes. Hypnosis can be very effective in helping you to think more positively.*

Hypnotherapy can help you to build positive resources enabling you to change the way in which your mind and body deal with anxiety and stress.*

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