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Hypnotherapy to Help You Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking, Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is proven as one of the most successful therapies for stopping smoking*. A wide-ranging study of ways to stop smoking, published in the New Scientist magazine, stated that:

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking” New Scientist, October 1992

Hypnosis works by giving you control, enabling you to find the strength from within to achieve your goal*.

Stop Smoking: The Treatment

Normally two appointments are needed to stop smoking:

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Stop Smoking: Session 1
  • Share some background information – family, work, lifestyle
  • Discuss why you are a smoker and why you want to stop smoking
  • Explain a new way of thinking so you can stop smoking. This change in your way of thinking will be due to changes in belief. If you start to think of yourself as a non smoker it will be easier to stop smoking
  • We then enter the hypnosis stage of the consultation. You will be able to visualise the change happening and we will try to achieve the agreement of the unconscious mind
  • I often use a metaphor story to help achieve this. Being able to identify with a character in a story gives the unconscious mind a message that you can reach your goal and stop smoking
  • We will then agree a symbolic action to reinforce the change in your life, for example throwing away your cigarettes and lighters
Stop Smoking: Session 2

At this session we review the changes achieved in your way of thinking and reinforce them, to ensure that you stay on track as a non-smoker

Stop Smoking: Take Control

When you have completed the Stop Smoking programme you will find that you feel more confident and relaxed and able to manage all areas of your life more effectively*.

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