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NLP is a set of insights and skills that will facilitate clear thinking, effective communication and can help manage thoughts, moods and behaviours. It can enable you to think more creatively and to achieve excellence in your field. NLP is sometimes described as the science of achievement. The basic premise is that our words reflect our subconscious perceptions. And where these are inaccurate, any underlying problems may persist*.

What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

NLP is a way of being in the world. It is not simply a set of techniques to influence behaviour and ways of thinking. This is a skill set using language and thinking patterns to enhance commutation skills.

All People use patterns of speech and movement and we use our senses. NLP is a way of thinking and linking up the language to the patterns of behaviour that run a person.


NLP does not have a very ancient history.

Its origins are generally accepted as being in the 1970’s  when John Grinder got together with Richard Bandler.

John Grinder was very interested in Linguistics and Richard Bandler was interested in Psychotherapy,

They decided to observe these three great therapists and began to understand how they became successful and to model what worked on these three practitioners.They wanted to utilise the patterns that worked for them and use it in relation to their clients. It seemed that NLP seemed to develop in two distinct ways:

Helping people to achieve excellence in their particular field*

Helping people to think in useful and creative ways*.

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