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Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Harley Street for weight lossHealthy weight control requires an understanding of your eating habits and recognising the triggers for compulsive or mindless eating. This relationship with food often develops over the years, with memories and associations tracing back to early childhood. You may have already found that dieting isn’t effective in the long term and frequently leads to feelings of de-motivation and disappointment. Support to lose weight with hypnotherapy in Brighton can be found at The Conway Practice, where any negative beliefs and behaviour related to your eating habits can be explored and addressed holistically.*

Emotional triggers are among the most common causes of compulsive eating. You might find that you turn to food to manage feelings such as stress, boredom, sadness, or anxiety. For instance, if eating when you’re not physically hungry becomes a coping mechanism when you’re feeling overwhelmed with pressure.  The environment can also strongly influence eating habits. Being in certain places or situations, such as watching TV or socialising with friends and family, can prompt mindless eating. Being in the company of others who indulge in unhealthy eating can lead to peer pressure or a desire to fit in, prompting you to mirror their behaviour. Identifying these triggers involves paying attention to when and where you tend to overeat. Therapeutic intervention with hypnosis for healthy weight control will enable you to identify the cause and to apply new coping methods and avoid overeating triggered by negative influences.*

During sessions with hypnotherapy for healthy weight management, you will learn to recognise how physical sensations such as fatigue or dehydration can be mistaken for hunger, leading to unnecessary food consumption.* For example, if you find yourself eating when you’re tired, you might actually need rest rather than food. Paying close attention to your body’s signals and distinguishing between physical and emotional hunger, is an essential part of achieving your weight loss goal.

Once you are consciously aware of your eating habits and the circumstances surrounding them, you can better understand and identify these triggers. Jonathan Conway will then introduce new coping strategies such as mindful eating, and stress management techniques, creating a self-supportive environment to manage and reframe negative beliefs with positive affirmations,  enabling you to sustain your ideal weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle and well-being.*

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