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HYpnotherapy in Harley StreetAs we move away from the winter months with the prospect of summer holidays and a more active lifestyle, you may feel motivated to lose weight and to follow a healthier eating regime. Brighton hypnotherapy for weight loss is available at The Conway Practice, either in face-to-face sessions with Jonathan Conway, or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone.* Hypnosis is a safe therapeutic intervention which takes a holistic approach to exploring your relationship with food and any negative self-beliefs which may be an emotional barrier to losing weight.*  Hypnotherapy can help you to focus on improving your self-confidence, health and nutrition.*

A sedentary lifestyle and limited access to exercise does contribute to weight-gain, but boredom and stress are also significant factors in food becoming a go-to coping method. Compulsive snacking and mindless eating is often a quick-fix to relieve anxiety or to pass the time. During hypnosis sessions for weight loss, Jonathan will establish the subconscious triggers related to your food dependence.* You’ve probably already discovered that fad and crash diets aren’t sustainable and frequently result in a sense of guilt and failure.  Yo-yo dieting swings between food deprivation and overindulging in comfort food or disorded eating.

The non-conscious mind is more receptive to positive suggestion during hypnosis and during this relaxed state Jonathan will help you to navigate your food relationship map. The influences and beliefs which have defined your eating habits will be explored and you may find that these can be traced back to early conditioning during childhood. It’s common for food to be given as a pacifier when a child is hurt and agitated or as a reward for good behaviour. This emotional association is retained in the subconscious, negatively influencing eating behaviour later in life. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can be effective in helping you to adopt empowering beliefs by introducing positive coping mechanisms and restoring self-worth.* Calming and relaxation methods introduced through hypnosis can be easily practised to reduce any feelings of anxiety and stress, eliminating the emotional dependence on food.*

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