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Exam Stress

Help to Pass Your Driving Test with Hypnotherapy

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Help to Pass Your Driving Test with Hypnotherapy*

exam-stress-brightonYou may be a competent learner driver, but find that you become so nervous under exam conditions that you are unable to pass your driving test. You might even put off booking your test as you’re convinced you will fail. Exam stress is often due to a lack of self-confidence and a feeling that you are being judged by someone who will think less of you. This may not simply be concern over the examiner’s opinion, but also the opinion of family, friends and whoever has been teaching you to drive.

During hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway Practice in Brighton you will be guided in relaxation techniques, reducing stress levels.* Jonathan Conway will help you to recognise exactly what triggers your anxiety and why you may find all test environments threatening.* Perhaps this can be traced back to a school room situation, where while your peers sailed through the exams without a problem, your mind froze purely through nerves, even though you were well-prepared.

Hypnosis is considered to be an excellent way to change your automatic negative response to one of confidence and self-belief.* Instead of imagining how you will feel if you fail, positive visualisation will create an impression of how good success will look. Overcoming pressure and feelings of panic will leave you free to achieve everything you are capable of, even more than you may have imagined.* Hypnotherapy can help with all forms of exam stress, including preparation and presentation during interviews.* It will also increase motivation during study and revision.* Jonathan will coach you in how to remain focused, calm and in control before your driving test or when sitting any other exam. The same principles can be applied during all times of stress, using deep relaxation.

Hypnotherapy will enable you to make positive changes in your life wherever you feel you would like to achieve more.* Self-awareness and a higher self-esteem has the potential to open new doors and reach goals that may have previously seemed unobtainable.*  Call Jonathan Conway today on 01273 540425