The Conway Practice Can Help With A Fear Of Flying in Highgate*

PrintHave you missed out on a holiday this year due to being too nervous to travel? The Conway Practice provides help to overcome a fear of flying in Highgate, along with other travel fears*. One of the most common phobias, a fear of flying or aerophobia, affects around one in ten of the population.

It is often combined with other phobias, including a fear of heights (acrophobia), a fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia) and a fear of being away from a safe place, usually the home (agoraphobia).

It’s not surprising therefore, if someone finds themselves ‘trapped’ in an aeroplane for even a short flight with no means of escape or being able to retreat to a place of safety, panic can set in. The anxiety may even start with the anticipation of the journey, worrying about checking in at the terminal and what may happen during the flight. Often there is a fear of losing control and of being embarrassed in front of other passengers.

The media has a lot to answer for in being a catalyst to the fear of the aircraft crashing. You may have watched a film where the plane and the passengers were high-jacked or have seen graphic coverage of an air disaster in the news. No matter that statistics show air accidents are rare, the intense publicity may well remain vividly on your mind.

Your fear of flying could also have been linked to a stressful time in your life that coincided with a journey and you continue to subconsciously relate to those feelings or anxiety when you are travelling. The phobia often affects other forms of travel in situations where you have no personal control.

The same feeling of being unable to escape can occur on a train journey or even in a car when you are stuck in a traffic jam. You may be afraid of travelling alone or of losing your way, so you become extremely limited as to where you can go. Even daily commuting to work may become stressful.

Do you feel that your fear of flying or travel in general is severely restricting your life and separating you from visiting family and friends, or limiting your business opportunities? During hypnotherapy or NLP sessions in Highgate with Jonathan, the root of your anxiety can be identified, enabling you to fully understand and deal with your fears, allowing you to experience stress-free travel in a relaxed state of mind*.

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy and NLP can help with your fear of flying or other travel phobias, contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice, Highgate, North London or please leave a comment below.

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