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Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Harley Street for weight lossThere is a common belief that in order to achieve a weight-loss goal, strict dieting and counting calories is the solution. In fact as many have found, this rarely achieves lasting success as the fixation on food becomes the prime focus and isn’t sustainable. Recognising the difference between physical and emotional hunger is key to understanding your eating behaviour and re-framing negative beliefs which are preventing healthy weight management. Weight loss with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street at The Conway Practice explores your eating habits holistically, enabling you to fully understand where positive changes can be made.*

A subconscious connection with food is often deeply interwoven with emotions, memories, and cultural experiences. Understanding the origin of a constant preoccupation on eating as a self-reward, followed by periods of fasting or the latest fad diet, requires recognition of the non-conscious triggers responsible. During therapeutic intervention with hypnosis, Jonathan Conway will help you to identify any negative influences which may be responsible for your tendency to rely on food as a coping mechanism.*

Emotions play a significant role in shaping a food association. For many, eating acts as a source of comfort and consolation during times of stress, anxiety, or unhappiness. This practice may be used to provide temporary relief from negative feelings and over time, the connection between specific emotions and food becomes deeply ingrained, resulting in an eating dependence as a means of emotional regulation. Certain foods also relate to childhood memories with nostalgic feelings of contentment, reward and comfort, reinforcing the emotional dependence.

While you are deeply relaxed under hypnosis, Jonathan will introduce new coping methods and relaxation techniques to manage any stress and anxiety.* Specific triggers to your eating behaviour can be identified and addressed, such as a compulsive or mindless consumption of food.* All hypnotherapy sessions will be completely confidential and can take place at The Conway Practice in Harley Street, or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone.*

Weight loss with hypnosis is a safe and effective therapeutic method to attain a long-term resolution for a healthy and balanced relationship with food.*

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