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A natural way to manage weight with hypnotherapy

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Lose Weight at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveDo you have a relationship with food where you find it difficult to control your eating habits? A compulsion for weight-gaining foods or to overeat, is a habit that is hard to break without support. Hypnotherapy for weight loss at the Conway Practice, provides a natural way to help in not only reducing your weight, but also to maintain this in the long term.*

It’s not simply what you eat, but why you feel compelled to eat foods which sabotage any attempts for weight control and find it an ongoing struggle to sustain a well-balanced and healthy diet. There may be pressure from others to consume everything that is offered, regardless of any later regrets of over-indulgence due to not wanting to disappoint or offend the provider.

Food is often an emotional issue which has its roots in childhood. As children, it’s common to be pressed to clear everything on the plate, despite feeling full and high calorie comfort food is often given to console or as a reward for good behaviour. The subconscious mind then stores these memories and early influences, impacting on habitual behaviour later in life.

Any negative association as an adult may result in the belief that food provides comfort and will reduce anxiety and stress, even if this is only briefly. This can then become difficult to deal with when these generally fattening foods result in  weight gain which is out of control, or has a damaging affect on your health. The more anxious someone becomes about their body size, the more likely they are to overeat.*

Following hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan, you will be able to adopt a completely different approach to food.* You’re probably already aware that quick-fix diets aren’t the solution for managing your weight. During hypnosis, while your mind is relaxed and open to positive suggestion, you will be guided to visualise how fitter and healthier you will feel once you are in control with a more positive relationship with food, enabling you to change bad eating habits that may well have developed over a considerable period of time.* New coping methods will be introduced, with stress-reducing strategies replacing the reliance on food to enhance your mood.

Hypnosis for weight loss can help to free you from the negative cravings for food, increasing your willpower and motivation, without sacrificing the enjoyment and sociability of mealtimes.*

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