How to achieve weight loss with hypnotherapy in Brighton*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you have been trying to lose weight for some time and have found that crash or fad diets aren’t the solution, you may have have become disillusioned that you will ever reach your goal. The Conway practice in Brighton provides help to lose weight with hypnotherapy and to enable you to maintain a healthier lifestyle.* It’s common to focus only on what you are eating, without considering why you feel compelled to over indulge or to eat certain foods.

The tendency for emotional eating rather than satisfying physical hunger, often has its roots in early influences and there can be a complex combination of causes. You might well have been soothed with food during the early formative years and hold this memory stored deeply in the subconscious mind. Although specific foods may bring a sense of comfort and relief from stressful situations or as a remedy for loneliness and boredom, feelings of guilt or regret often follow immediately after.

While you are in the relaxed state of hypnosis and your mind is more open to positive suggestion, Jonathan will help you recognise the subconscious prompts which are responsible for your difficulty in managing your eating habits.* You may overeat in the long-held belief that you must clear everything on your plate, even if you are full. Mindless eating is often associated with boredom or simply a way to pass time, with the hand-to-mouth habit, without being consciously aware of what you are eating, or how much. Food, especially the high calorie, high fat foods give instant stimulation and gratification.

During your hypnotherapy sessions in Brighton your thought processes can be re-programmed with new coping strategies, enabling you to overcome the psychological need to rely on food to change the way you feel.* A new sense of self awareness can be introduced, conditioning your conscious mind to recognise the difference between physical hunger and the response to negative emotions.* Hypnotherapy in Brighton can help you to manage your weight by establishing a positive relationship with food, together with new coping-mechanisms for emotional well-being and a healthier lifestyle.*

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How hypnotherapy in Brighton can help with weight loss*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossHow would you describe your relationship with food? If you have been trying to lose weight, the first step is to recognise any detrimental behaviour which may be sabotaging any attempts to control your eating habits. Hypnotherapy in Brighton can help with your weight loss by identifying the subconscious triggers which lead to disordered eating.*

As with any relationship which has an imbalance, there are commonly feelings of guilt, stress, an anxious state of mind and low self-worth. Food can be used as a consolation when your coping mechanisms fail to deal with your stressors and comfort eating is a good example of this. Certain foods are likely to remind you of your early years, when you were pacified or rewarded with treats which you now associate with the ‘feel good factor’. During hypnosis in Brighton & Hove, Jonathan will help you to focus on the influences and negative beliefs which have been stored in the non-conscious mind and have led to your inability to achieve your weight loss goal.*

Emotional or mindless eating occurs when you find yourself compelled to eat for non-hunger related reasons. The craving is generally for high calorie, unhealthy food which may briefly enhance the mood but is then followed swiftly with feelings of regret and self-blame. Jonathan will talk to about how you use food to cope with negative emotions such as stress and anger.* Deeply rooted beliefs such as having to finish everything on your plate can be re-addressed, enabling you to listen to your internal cues and to stop eating as soon as you feel full.

Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove can help you to lose weight by overcoming the psychological hurdles which have prevented you from succeeding with your weight loss efforts in the past.* Visualisation and relaxation techniques can be introduced to cope with anxiety and stress, allowing you to re-build a positive relationship with food where you are in control.*  For more information call Jonathan Conway on 07956 855027

Control weight with hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you have been trying to lose weight without success, can you relate to the following scenario? You decide to manage your eating regime by only buying healthy foods; vegetables, fruit and salads, only to leave them uneaten while you continue to eat food which has contributed to your weight gain. If you associate eating with comfort, boredom or stress, hypnotherapy in Harley Street can help with your weight loss by enabling you to re-programme any negative association which may be weakening your resolve.*

During hypnosis, Jonathan will encourage you to recognise the issues behind your relationship with food.*  These may well have developed over a considerable period of time and can often be traced back to early eating habits, resulting in certain foods representing comfort later into adulthood. This non-conscious attachment can be used as form of emotional comfort to alleviate loneliness and a lack of social interaction, low self-esteem and anxiety.

Distance memories stored in the subconscious mind can be a nostalgic recall of when food was given as a reward or a pacifier. However, the common habit of not wasting food and having to clear your plate even when you are no longer hungry can continue to be an automatic response, resulting in a pattern of overeating and the subsequent weight gain. Hypnotherapy in Harley Street will address the difference between emotional and physical hunger, helping you to identify the sensory cues which are responsible for any negative eating habits.*


Once these subconscious triggers are identified, routines with food association can be changed, such mindless eating while watching TV where there is no awareness of how much is being consumed. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to adopt a more positive relationship with food, by establishing the root cause of any anxiety or negative emotions, introducing new coping mechanisms which will result in a healthy eating regime.*

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Manage your weight with hypnotherapy in Harley Street*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you have not had any success with controlling your weight, you may have already found that fad or crash diets are unhealthy both physically and emotionally and are not sustainable in the long term. Hypnotherapy in Harley Street at the Conway Practice provides help for weight loss, without the need to put your body into starvation mode.*

Hypnosis has no negative impact on your health and is completely safe.*

During the first consultation Jonathan Conway will determine any limiting beliefs and enable you to regain control over any negative eating habits.* You may have developed these habits over a long period of time, carrying family influences into adulthood. Hypnotherapy in Harley Street can help you to manage your weight by introducing a new relationship with food, without the feelings of guilt or anxiety which may have attributed to overeating in the past.*

Recognising the subconscious prompts which trigger negative eating, can be a major step in understanding why you have found it difficult to maintain a healthy consumption of food. Emotional eating during times of stress and anxiety has nothing to do with physical hunger and is also commonly due to boredom, loneliness or the need for comfort.*

Negative self-talk and lack of confidence can result in self-sabotaging an attempt to lose weight, with the belief that you don’t deserve to improve yourself. Focusing on your weight may be a distraction to avoid dealing with overwhelming emotional issues in your life. During hypnosis, negative thoughts stored in the subconscious can be reprogrammed, introducing new coping mechanisms including relaxation and visualisation techniques.* Once you are able to recognise that any feelings of inferiority are unfounded, your thinking and attitudes can be transformed, contributing to a potentially healthier and improved quality of life.*

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The Benefits of Hypnotherapy in Brighton for Weight Loss*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf this will be your first experience of hypnotherapy, you may be apprehensive about what can be expected and how affective this can be for achieving weight loss. Previous attempts to lose weight with fad diets or slimming products may well have failed, leaving you disheartened and concerned that you will never control your eating habits. Instead of dwelling on the problem, hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice takes a different approach, by focusing on a future when you will feel much better about yourself and able to maintain a positive relationship with food.*

At the initial consultation, Jonathan Conway will take the time to listen to you; building an alliance of trust. Negative thought patterns and a reliance on food as an emotional substitute may have developed over a number of years, even from very early childhood. Recognising what food has represented in your life is the first step in overcoming poor eating habits which have contributed to weight gain.* Identifying the subconscious triggers which are responsible for excessive or mindless eating will bring about an understanding of how these can be controlled and overcome.

Environmental cues can be significant with a profound and long-term affect from social and family influences. If food has been considered as a form of reward or comfort, during hypnosis you will be guided to uncover and recognise the difference between emotional and physical hunger. Your critical inner voice may lead to a lack of self-worth and a feeling of inadequacy, with the misbelief that you don’t deserve to be fit and healthy. Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Brighton can help you to appreciate your true capabilities and to enable positive change.*

Whether you overeat due to a ‘hand-to-mouth’ habit, to reduce stress or boredom, hypnotherapy can be both uplifting and liberating, by introducing new coping-mechanisms, establishing a lifestyle change that brings long-term benefits.*

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Weight Loss With Hypnosis in Brighton & Hove*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossAs we leave the winter behind us and enter the warmer seasons, there is often an increased motivation to be slimmer and fitter for holidays or more energetic outdoor activities. Help to lose weight in Brighton at the Conway Practice provides a completely safe and natural way to achieve weight loss without the need for crash dieting, medication or dietary supplements.*

During hypnosis, your relationship with food and your eating patterns will be discussed to determine where there are issues which need to be addressed.*

Weight control isn’t simply eating less, it’s also about understanding why you are compelled to eat specific foods at certain times and to appreciate how these subconscious triggers can be controlled.

In order to develop a healthier relationship with food, Jonathan will help you through hypnotherapy to recognise any negative self-talk resulting in a roller-coaster food related lift in mood, followed swiftly by a feeling of guilt, which can have a detrimental affect on health and state of mind.* There is a difference between being physically hungry and emotional hunger, with the latter often due to stress or boredom. You may find that you associate comfort food with certain pastimes, when watching TV for example with mindless eating and no conscious awareness of how much is being consumed.

While you are in the calm state of hypnosis, diversion techniques and intuitive strategies can be introduced, replacing misbeliefs which have been stored in the subconscious from past influences.* Being conditioned to clear everything on your plate can be a hangover from childhood and as an adult you may be unaware of the internal cues of fullness, resulting in habitual overeating. Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove can help you to overcome the need to resort to comfort food by introducing new stress-relieving coping mechanisms.*

With hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice in Brighton you will appreciate how you can focus on long-term objectives, whether you want to lose weight for health reasons or to improve your appearance, increase your energy levels or to feel more confident.* A positive relationship with food will put you back in control and enable weight management without resorting to unsustainable dieting.*

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Weight Management with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you want to lose weight, have you considered your relationship with food? Weight loss with hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice can be achieved by allowing you to address subconscious thoughts which result in negative eating habits undermining any attempts to lose weight.*

Unlike ineffective yo-yo dieting, or crash diets which are unsustainable, weight management with hypnotherapy is about understanding the role food plays in your life and why it has been difficult to control your cravings.* Hypnosis weight loss techniques can help you to recognise the underlying causes which trigger the unhealthy eating habits contributing to weight gain and the inability to achieve the necessary life-style changes.* The mind is far more open to positive suggestion during the relaxed state of hypnosis, enabling Jonathan to trace the origins of your attitude to food and where changes need to be introduced.*

The subconscious prompts which trigger patterns of negative eating have various sources. Mindless eating can be associated with boredom, where food is simply something to help pass the time, without an awareness of any feeling of fullness, or how much is being consumed. Hypnotherapy can enable you to recognise the specific danger zones and to disassociate food with situations where you are at most risk of temptation.*

Comfort eating is often a learned response which can be traced back to childhood and family influences with food continuing to be a coping mechanism when you’re feeling anxious or miserable. Hypnosis for weight loss is an effective coaching tool, allowing you to process negative emotions and understand the distinction between emotional and physical hunger.* In re-conditioning your subconscious, the delusion that food is the solution to stress or low self-esteem can be replaced with a new and positive mind-set and a far healthier lifestyle.*

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Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossAs the festive season approaches with the temptation to indulge in excess, you might be torn between getting into shape before the celebrations start or waiting until the New Year to address any bad eating habits. Delaying the weight management programme may simply serve as an excuse to overeat, especially when this is generally recognised as acceptable behaviour at this time of the year. Hypnotherapy in Brighton can help you to lose weight without spoiling your enjoyment of family meals and social gatherings.*

During sessions in hypnosis at the Conway Practice in Brighton & Hove, Jonathan Conway will discuss your relationship with food and what it means to you.* Is it perhaps a form of comfort and self-reward, or something which you rely on during times of stress? Without doubt, festivities can be stressful for some and even more so for those who experience social anxiety. Do you reach for something to eat in order to appear occupied when faced with making conversation? If you’re eating you can’t be talking at the same time, allowing you to avoid interaction. Mindless eating during a social situation can be a form of mirroring the habits of others in order to fit in, despite not being physically hungry.

Hypnotherapy enables the subconscious to co-operate with the conscious mind and to build a defence against the overeating triggers.* While in the state of hypnosis, powerful resources stored deep in the unconscious can be drawn upon to establish new coping mechanisms.* Relaxation techniques to reduce stress and manage anxiety can be combined with positive imaging, the rehearsal for a relationship with food where you, rather than your emotions are in control.*

Weight loss with hypnotherapy in Brighton can be achieved by overcoming self-limiting beliefs and creating beneficial life-style changes.* In the re-programming  of unhealthy eating habits the way you think about food and what it represents will be transformed, resulting in much healthier and sustainable weight management.*   

Weight Management is Possible With the Help of Hypnotherapy*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossHave you tried to change your eating habits and not succeeded? Hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight not only for a better body image and but also to improve your health and fitness.* At the Conway Practice, Jonathan Conway will address your relationship with food and identify the triggers to a pattern of overeating or being compelled to eat unhealthy, weight-gaining foods.*

It’s important to recognise when and why the negative relationship with food first began. Is there for instance a compulsion to consume certain foods when you are stressed or anxious which remind you of your formative years when these were associated with comfort or reward? Poor eating habits later in life may well have been a result of enforced rules, such as finishing everything on your plate before being praised with a treat. This then becomes normal behaviour, leading to a pattern of overeating even when there’s no physical hunger. These ingrained habits can be difficult to overcome until they are consciously recognised as a main contributor to sabotaging any attempt at weight control.

Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss by changing your perception of food.*

During hypnosis while you are in a deeply relaxed state of mind, Jonathan will use positive suggestion to resolve any cycle of negative association with your dietary habits.* Once the negative perspective has changed, emotional triggers to overeating can be easily controlled and overcome, without constantly living life on a roller-coaster of unsustainable dieting followed by a rapid return to craving unhealthy weight-gaining foods.

Identifying the root cause of a dysfunctional relationship with food through hypnotherapy will enable you to focus less on eating and more on visualising how you will feel once you have achieved and maintained a healthier lifestyle.* Issues such as stress management or low self-esteem can be resolved during sessions in hypnosis with Jonathan at the Conway Practice, leaving you empowered to reach your goal and not look back.*

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How Weight Loss can be Achieved with Hypnotherapy*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossFor many, losing weight is a tough challenge and may seem to be a losing battle. It’s unrealistic to rely on fad or crash diets having any lasting success as strict regimes are extremely difficult to maintain in the long-term and generally result in yo-yo dieting and a constant fluctuation in weight. Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss by enabling you to recognise the reason for your overeating or being attracted to unhealthy, weight-gaining foods.*

There are likely to be triggers to your eating habits which you are not consciously aware of. The deeply relaxed state of hypnosis opens the mind to positive suggestion and allows memories stored in the subconscious to surface.* Jonathan Conway will explore your relationship with food and what it means to you on an emotional level. Was food given as a reward during childhood, or restricted as a punishment for bad behaviour? Compulsive eating is false hunger and commonly a need for comfort and way of handling stress and a food craving may be a coping strategy for anxiety or low self-esteem. Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in assisting with behavioural change, helping to eliminate triggers and establishing a healthy relationship with food, where you are in control.*

Wanting to lose weight could be more than simply wanting to look trimmer. If you are advised for medical reasons to follow a healthier diet and are given a timeline to achieve your objective, under pressure to succeed stress levels may increase.  During hypnosis sessions Jonathan will use positive suggestion to raise your feeling of self-worth and motivation, enabling you to release any tension and anxiety.* Hypnotherapy can help you to establish a sustainable healthier lifestyle and a new relationship with food.*

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