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Find out more about the benefits of hypnotherapy in Brighton

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Hypnotherapy in BrightonYou may be aware that hypnosis is often used as a therapy for weight-loss and for help to stop smoking, but perhaps you are unfamiliar with the numerous other benefits.* As a qualified hypnotherapist with over 25 years of professional experience, Jonathan Conway provides hypnotherapy in Brighton, with confidential one-to-one sessions concentrating on specific life issues to improve personal performance and initiate positive change.*

When you attend your first hypnosis session at the Conway Practice in Brighton, Jonathan will spend time exploring the life challenges which are causing you concern.* Establishing this initial understanding and rapport is the foundation of a trusting relationship between client and therapist.* The induced state of hypnosis is similar to a pleasant daydream, where you remain relaxed and completely in control while the subconscious mind is more receptive to positive suggestion.*

Hand-to-mouth habits, which include smoking and compulsive eating are often related to stress and anxiety and hypnotherapy offers a safe and medication-free method to reduce tension and overcome fears.* This can also be a powerful tool for creating more effective communication within relationships, understanding how to avoid a repetitively negative response.*

Tracing the root cause to conflicts and self-limiting attitudes is a vital element in tailoring the therapeutic intervention, in order to introduce new coping mechanisms. For example, a fear of flying is not necessarily being afraid of air-travel and is often a combination of phobias, such as social anxiety, claustrophobia, or a fear of not being in control.*

With the heightened state of awareness during hypnosis it becomes easier to release suppressed emotions and to recognise the subconscious prompts which trigger irrational thoughts and self-doubt.* Hypnotherapy in Brighton can be beneficial for breaking an unhealthy habit, managing stress, overcoming phobias or strengthening personal and professional relationships.* Self-worth can be improved by addressing any negative self-talk or sabotaging behaviour, enabling you to fulfill your true potential.* Call Jonathan Conway on 07956 855 027