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Help to Manage Compulsive Eating and Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy in Brighton

By September 14, 2021No Comments

HYpnotherapy in Harley StreetIf food is your go-to choice for relieving feelings of anxiety and stress, you may well have discovered that this is a negative coping mechanism which leads to comfort eating and an avoidance of the underlying emotional issues. Help to manage compulsive eating and lose weight with hypnotherapy in Brighton is available at The Conway Practice.* For those who are unable or prefer not to travel Zoom, Skype or telephone appointments give the option for one-to-one sessions from any location world-wide.

Unsustainable fad or quick-fix crash diets with empty promises of weight loss generally result in yo-yo dieting, bouncing between restricting your favourite foods and overindulgence.  This roller-coaster of dieting not only fails as a long term weight management plan, it can also cause even more anxiety without resolving the psychological dependence on food as a calming method.

During the recent lock-down period since the start of the pandemic, it’s common to have moved less and eaten more, with easy access to food around the clock. For many, eating has become a distraction from boredom and to divert the mind away from emotional issues such as loneliness caused by social isolation.  During hypnosis sessions with Jonathan Conway, the complex causes of your negative relationship with food can be identified and addressed.*

Hypnosis is a safe therapeutic intervention with a ‘whole person’ holistic approach used to re-programme any self-limiting beliefs and low body confidence stemming from past influences and situations.* Once you are able to recognise the subconscious triggers which have dominated and controlled your eating habits, dysfunctional behavioural patterns can be replaced with positive coping strategies.*

Hypnotherapy in Brighton for weight loss can help you to initiate change and reduce anxiety with relaxation, visualisation and calming methods, enabling you to feel at ease in your own body so that healthy and mindful eating becomes second nature.*

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