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Help to stop smoking with hypnosis in Brighton & Hove

By December 10, 2020No Comments

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy at The Conway PracticeHypnosis in Brighton & Hove is an effective way to break an addictive habit such as smoking.*

You may have been a long-term smoker or have found it difficult to quit even after a short time. Nicotine reliance can be experienced after a brief period of smoking, especially if this is used as a means of stress-relief. Help to stop smoking with hypnosis in Brighton & Hove at the Conway Practice, is available with Jonathan during face-to-face sessions, or remotely by Skype, Zoom or telephone.*

Nicotine withdrawal is relatively short-lived in comparison to the hand-to-mouth habitual behaviour.  As with other repetitive habits such as compulsive eating, identifying the subconscious triggers related to the urge to smoke a cigarette can be achieved during hypnosis while the mind is relaxed and more open to exploration and positive suggestion.*

Jonathan Conway has 25 years of experience as a qualified Hypnotherapist and Master NLP coach. Hypnosis on Brighton & Hove is a safe and pleasant experience where you remain in control and aware of your surroundings.* Contrary to the belief of many, during hypnotherapy you can’t be forced to do anything against your will and in fact for this therapeutic intervention to be most beneficial for smoking cessation, you need to be fully committed to quit the habit.*

You will have conditioned yourself to accept that there are certain circumstances where you are unable to smoke; within the workplace, a restaurant or even during a long distance flight. Hypnotherapy will enable you to re-programme your thought process to apply this to all situations where there is the urge to reach for a cigarette and to recognise the unconscious prompts.* This may not only be during times of stress, but also when you are bored or socialising with other smokers.

Smoking is commonly used as a calming method to deal with stress, although any relief is brief. Jonathan will explore your interaction with life challenges and introduce new coping mechanisms to reduce anxiety.* Positive visualisation and relaxation techniques can be applied to lessen the initial withdrawal discomfort.*

Hypnosis in Brighton & Hove to stop smoking at the Conway Practice provides the opportunity to quit the habit and to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.*

Call Jonathan Conway today on 07956 855 027 to find out more.