Lose Weight at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveDo you find it a constant struggle to maintain your ideal weight? You may have followed various diets and found none of them to be effective in the long term. Hypnotherapy for weight loss has a different approach by addressing your relationship with food and why you find it difficult to control how much or what you eat.*  At the Conway Practice Hypnotherapy in Harley Street Jonathan Conway will explore the reasons related to overeating or the compulsion to eat the wrong foods, leading to a weight gain.*

These habits may be formed in early childhood and often influenced by care-givers and the eating behaviour of others in the household, passing from one generation to another. Being encouraged to finish everything on your plate and not waste any food can remain as distant memories stored in the subconscious mind, forming the foundation for future eating habits.* Weight gaining and unhealthy snacks and sweets tend to be offered as a reward or incentive for good behaviour. This unconscious association may well be responsible for triggering an automatic response of a need for ‘comfort’ food during times of anxiety and stress.

During hypnotherapy in Harley Street sessions with Jonathan, you will come to appreciate the difference between physical and emotional hunger and the compulsion drawing you towards over-indulging in certain foods.* Yo-yo dieting and fad diets generally fail to provide a sustainable solution for weight management and tend to leave a feeling of failure and low self-worth. When hypnosis is applied as a therapeutic intervention the subconscious prompts for the hand-to-mouth habit can be identified, which is a crucial step to resolving the issues in a negative relationship with food*

You will learn to recognise the triggers to mindless eating due to boredom or overeating compulsively while you are under pressure or stressed. Losing weight with the help of hypnotherapy is a safe and relaxing experience, similar to a pleasant day dream state of mind where you remain in complete control throughout the session.* Jonathan will introduce calming methods and positive visualisation techniques which can be used as coping mechanisms to establish a fresh relationship with food and a healthier life-style.*

 If you are unable to travel for hypnotherapy in Harley Street, or prefer confidential remote coaching sessions by Zoom, Skype or telephone, these can be arranged by appointment with Jonathan at your convenience.