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Help to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis in Brighton

By November 30, 2021No Comments

Quit Smoking at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveIf you are a long-term smoker, giving up the habit without help can be extremely challenging and often results in several failed attempts leading to loss of motivation. It’s important to find the right support in order to achieve your goal to ensure you don’t find yourself constantly on a stop-start cycle. Therapeutic intervention help stop smoking in Brighton is a safe and effective method for smoking cessation which addresses the reasons for your dependence on cigarettes as a coping mechanism.*

During sessions to stop smoking with hypnosis in Brighton at the Conway Practice, your commitment and reasons for becoming a non-smoker will be discussed.* Many smokers become tired of hiding their habit from family, friends and work colleagues or are concerned about subjecting others to the harmful effects of passive smoking. You may of course simply wish to improve your well-being and are aware of the costly impact of money spent on cigarettes.

Daily activities are often related to the subconscious urge to smoke, especially in social situations where you are with fellow-smokers.  Even if you have no physical craving for nicotine you may light a cigarette simply as a form of mirroring the actions of others. This is often recognised as a form of social bonding in an attempt to appear and feel more confident and accepted within the group.

The reason for failure can’t be attributed solely to a nicotine addiction as the withdrawal symptoms reduce after a relatively short time and other emotional factors extend beyond this. While you are in a comfortable and deeply relaxed state of hypnosis and your subconscious mind is more receptive to positive suggestion, Jonathan will explore the smoking cues with the circumstances and specific times in which these hand-to-mouth triggers occur.* You may well have found that you have the ability to condition yourself to restricting smoking in certain situations and hypnotherapy can enable you to establish the same mindset in your daily life.*

The smoking habit is a common way of reducing anxiety and stress, although the relief felt is short-lived and doesn’t address the cause. Being advised to stop smoking for medical reasons and possibly with a time limit to do so, can alone be stressful. Help to stop smoking with hypnosis in Brighton provides the therapeutic pathway for new calming methods and coping mechanisms to be introduced, supporting you to finally achieve your objective to become a non-smoker with a healthier life-style and a more relaxed state of mind,*

Hypnosis for smoking cessation is available during face-to-face sessions with Jonathan Conway, or if preferred by Zoom, Skype or telephone.*

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