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The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveAs the festive season begins and restrictions have eased for meeting up with friends and family, if you are someone who finds the thought of social events stressful, re-adjusting to face-to-face interaction can trigger anxiety. Hypnosis to manage social anxiety in Brighton is available by appointment with Jonathan at the Conway Practice or by Skype, Zoom or telephone for those who feel more at ease in their own private space.*

Social anxiety is a common phobia and is more extreme than feeling awkward or shy and manifests as an extreme fear of talking when you find yourself outside of your comfort zone. With the therapeutic intervention of hypnosis the source of these fears can be identified together with any negative thoughts responsible for triggering the ‘fight or flight’ response.* Social phobias often form early in life especially when experiencing constant criticism from parents who have set unrealistically high standards or negative incidents such as ridicule or bullying by peers. These detrimental memories remain stored deeply within the subconscious and often result in low self-esteem and the assumption that you will face scrutiny and judgement whenever you are eating or talking with others in a social setting.

It’s not unusual to feel anxious when attending a social event or meeting new people for the first time, but when the level of anxiety causes physical discomfort such as feeling nauseous, excessive sweating, or shaking and trembling, this becomes self-limiting with a negative impact on not only your leisure time, but also within the workplace and career progression. Hypnotherapy helps to overcome social anxiety by replacing negative beliefs which have damaged self-confidence with positive affirmations*

Following the months of physical isolation you may well be fearful about facing the unknown outside of your safe environment. Hypnosis for social anxiety provides the therapeutic support to ensure you ease slowly back into sociable situations with the introduction of new calming methods and coping mechanisms*  Techniques for relaxed breathing and empowerment strategies will boost your tolerance to stress, making it easier to re-connect and look forward to enjoying the company of others*

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