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Help with hypnotherapy in Brighton to overcome a fear of public speaking

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Help with hypnotherapy in Brighton to overcome a fear of public speaking*

public-speakingYou may have the assumption that a fear of public speaking is only relevant when faced with a large audience. In fact for anyone with this speech phobia it can be triggered whenever they are required to speak in front of others in a situation where they feel out of their comfort zone. Hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice can help to manage this fear by identifying the origin of the phobia.*

If you are experiencing extreme anxiety which is self-limiting, during hypnosis Jonathan Conway will help you to address the reasons why you are finding public speaking both emotionally and physiologically challenging.* While your conscious mind is relaxed and more receptive to positive resolution you may well be able to recall the first incident when you were speaking and became overwhelmed with negative thoughts. This may have been something relatively insignificant, such as coughing or stumbling briefly over your words. The subconscious mind then records this memory, triggering the feeling that this will occur again.

Frequently the speech anxiety is due to a fear of being judged on what you have to say and how you are presenting this. A lack of self-belief can be the result of criticism in the classroom, or of being compared with more confident siblings. Unless dealt with, opportunities and promotion in your professional life may be inhibited, if interviews and putting forward ideas and proposals become something you either do your best to avoid or endure the best you can.

So what are you most afraid of? Are you overly concerned that so much depends on your delivery being understood and approved, or that you will ruin a celebratory occasion if your speech doesn’t go to plan. Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove can help you to visualise yourself as relaxed and confident, focusing on what you have to say instead of what your audience are thinking.* Controlled breathing exercises will assist in lowering an increased heart beat and reducing physical tension.

Contrary to belief, anyone listening to you is unlikely to be aware of your fear. ‘Stage fright’ for example is common within the performing arts, but the audience may well be completely oblivious to your distress. By introducing new coping-mechanisms you will appreciate how negative self-statements can be replaced with pro-active and positive beliefs. Public speaking in whatever form, will then  become non-threatening with a new perspective and the ability to greatly improve your communication skills without a fear of failure.*  For more information or to book an appointment call Jonathan Conway today on 07956 855027

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