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Hypnotherapy in Harley StreetStop Smoking With Hypnotherapy

How You Can Find Help to Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Harley Street

By March 10, 2020No Comments

Stop Smoking at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveEven if you have been smoking for much of your adult life, you may have finally reached the point where you are committed to giving up the habit. Quitting without help however, could prove to take much longer than it took to become a smoker in the first place. The very first cigarette which may have seemed harmless, can also have been the first step towards becoming reliant on cigarettes very quickly, not only due to the highly addictive substance of nicotine, but also to the hand-to-mouth habit of smoking.

 Help to stop smoking with hypnotherapy in Harley Street will not only support you through the physical withdrawal symptoms, but also by identifying why you began to smoke and why the habit has continued.* Peer influence during the teenage years, or if other family members are smokers, are often contributory factors and can continue into adult life when it becomes far more difficult to stop. However, your self-discipline and willpower can be increased during sessions in hypnosis, enabling you make personal changes on a deeper level by addressing the sub-conscious prompts related to your habit.*

You may be under the misconception that you are unable to stop smoking due to the nicotine dependence. There are in fact certain situations where you are conditioned to not lighting a cigarette; in a restaurant, on an aeroplane, or in other public places. In these instances you have consciously accepted that you will be able to cope without smoking. While your mind is in the relaxed state of hypnosis at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will guide you to recognise the triggers which prompt you to smoke, even when nicotine might no longer be in your system.*

 At certain times during your daily routine you may find yourself unconsciously reaching for a cigarette purely out of habit, perhaps after a meal, while on a work break, or socialising with friends. Anxiety frequently plays a significant part in a continuance to smoke. Applying the therapeutic process of hypnosis, relaxation techniques and new coping strategies will enable you to reduce anxiety and to respond more effectively to any external stressors as and when they occur.* Any negative responses which would previously have tempted you to smoke, can be replaced with positive distractions, finally breaking the smoking habit.*

Hypnotherapy is completely safe and medication free and effectively works by giving you control to find the inner strength to achieve your goal to become a non-smoker.*

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