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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Brighton

By March 5, 2021No Comments

HYpnotherapy in Harley StreetAre you finding it difficult to control your eating habits, especially during the recent months when you may have been confined to the home with long periods of inactivity and boredom? Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss by addressing the subconscious prompts which trigger emotional or mindless eating.* If there is any negativity in your relationship with food, the therapeutic intervention with hypnosis for weight management in Brighton at the Conway Practice provides the opportunity to explore and address these issues.*

You may have already found that fad or fast dieting isn’t a sustainable solution to losing weight in the long term, as depriving yourself of food is frequently followed by routinely breaking any rules you have attempted to follow. The quest for perfection is often linked to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem and may well be linked to false perceptions formed during childhood. If food represents a form of comfort, the guilt which often follows can bring feelings of self-punishment and failure.

During hypnosis while the mind is open and receptive to positive suggestion, the deep inner exploration of memories and beliefs stored within the subconscious, enables the source of any negative assumptions to be brought to the surface.*

The way in which you eat reflects your emotional state of mind, which is different from the feeling of physical hunger. Hypnotherapy can bring positive and lasting change by re-programming any self-limiting thoughts, breaking the cycle of compulsive eating as a form of compensation for stress and anxiety.*

At the Conway Practice in Brighton, Jonathan will introduce new coping mechanisms for stress management and therapeutic methods for breaking the hand-to-mouth habit relating to compulsive or mindless eating.* Hypnotherapy for weight loss can be empowering, allowing you overcome any internal conflicts and emotional pain, leaving you to focus on your true worth and potential.*

For those who are unable, or prefer not to travel for appointments, hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway are also available remotely through Skype, Zoom or by telephone.

To make an appointment with Jonathan call 07956 855 027 today!