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Exam StressHypnotherapy Brighton

Hypnotherapy in Brighton Can Help Overcome Exam Stress

By July 13, 2015April 29th, 2019No Comments

Hypnotherapy in Brighton Can Help Overcome Exam Stress*

exam-stress-brightonAre you preparing for an exam and are concerned that your nerves will let you down on the day? The Conway Practice provides help with hypnotherapy in Brighton for exam stress*.

Experiencing anxiety both before and during a test is extremely common and in fact a recent NSPCC report showed that there has been a 200% increase in exam stress.

You might have studied thoroughly and actually know all the answers to the questions, but you may have a fear that your mind will go blank while you are under exam conditions. This anxiety often results in physical reactions such as panic attacks, feeling nauseous with an increase in the heart rate. This is even more likely if you are having to re-take an exam that you have failed in the past. Your sub-conscious mind will already be focusing on the negative picture of failure instead of success and achievement.

You may also be under pressure from parents, tutors or employers to do well and are concerned that you won’t live up to their expectations. Perhaps a sibling in the family is a high achiever and you believe you won’t be able to reach their level of success.

There is no need however to struggle with exams. Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway will not only help with exam stress, your memory re-call will improve and your self-belief will strengthen*. You will learn how to calm the butterflies in your stomach and the more extreme anxiety attacks*.

The feeling of calm that you experience while under hypnosis can be maintained when preparing and sitting the test. Visualisation and anchoring techniques will help you to clear your mind of negative thoughts and increase your motivation to succeed*.

Qualifications are often a requirement for career progression, with a great deal depending on the result. If you have been out of the classroom for some time you may find it difficult to get back into the discipline of studying again.

Hypnotherapy will help you to approach exams with a focused, relaxed and confident state of mind*.

You will no longer perceive them to be threatening and stressful and once you believe you will succeed, then you will do well*.

Contact Jonathan Conway today to see how hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your exam stress.