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Personal Development in Harley Street at the Conway Practice

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Personal Development in Harley Street at the Conway Practice

self-esteem-brightonAs children, we are often asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” The answer is generally a chosen job and is not always realistic; not many of us will have become astronauts or film stars! Rarely does a child say they just want to be happy, as they probably take it for granted that they will be. As adults if we are not contented with our life choices and get no enjoyment from what we’re doing, this discontentment will cause stress and frustration, with little motivation.

It’s easy to lose sight of goals and to lack the confidence needed to get back on track and achieve what you truly want in life. Personal development coaching sessions with hypnotherapy and NLP in Harley Street at the Conway Practice will help you to find a new and positive direction*.

You may feel that you are lacking in self-confidence and self-belief. If you don’t believe in your own abilities, how can you expect anyone to have confidence in you?

Jonathan Conway will help you to re-programme any negative thoughts that are holding you back*.

During childhood you may have been conditioned by parents, siblings or in the classroom to believe you have less potential than others. Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves and when this is low it limits our ability to focus on positive change and development.

When this increases with the help of hypnotherapy and NLP, you will be able to see your goals more clearly, move forward in your career and improve your personal life*.

It’s easy to slip into the habit of spending so much time doing things for others that there may be very little left for yourself. Life coaching and personal development will show you how you can set-aside precious time doing whatever gives you pleasure and that makes you feel good about yourself*.

This isn’t being selfish, it will actually enhance the quality of your relationships, both personal and work-related*. You will also come to recognise your strengths and weaknesses, where you will benefit from making improvements and where you can capitalise on your skills*.

For more information about personal development coaching services in Harley Street call Jonathan today on 0207 467 8460.