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Hypnotherapy in Harley StreetQuit SmokingStop Smoking With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street Can Help to Stop Smoking

Quit Smoking at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveSmoking is commonly used to reduce stress, but this addictive habit also triggers increased anxiety and tension without addressing the underlying cause. You may for example become anxious at the thought of running out of cigarettes, or when faced with a situation where smoking isn’t permitted, such as a long flight or train journey. This anxiety is more closely related to the hand-to-mouth habit, rather than the dependence on nicotine, which is relatively short-lived. The subconscious triggers which prompt you to reach for a cigarette at certain times of the day or during specific activities even if you aren’t experiencing withdrawal symptoms, may well be the key to breaking the habit. Hypnotherapy in Harley Street can help to stop smoking at The Conway Practice and approaches the addiction holistically by not only exploring the link between stress and smoking, but also the connection to other negative behaviour and beliefs.*

Contrary to the opinions on many, you can’t be forced to do anything against your will and during hypnotherapy you will remain completely in control throughout, similar to a pleasant day-dream experience.* While you are in this deeply relaxed state, your mind is more receptive to positive suggestion, opening a pathway to self-recognition and a better understanding of the reasons behind your smoking habit.*

Therapeutic intervention with hypnosis helps to restore balance in both the psychological and physical effects of stressors, by introducing new coping strategies and calming techniques.* You will learn how to recognise negative behavioural cues and how to improve your management of stress-inducing thoughts, resulting in enhanced well-being and positivity.* During hypnotherapy sessions to stop smoking with Jonathan Conway, goal-setting strategies will be initiated with positive visualisation methods focusing on how your life will improve as a non-smoker.*

One-to-one help to quit smoking in Harley Street is available at The Conway Practice, or remotely by Skype, Zoom or telephone

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