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Hypnotherapy in Harley Street for Help to Overcome Social Anxiety

By January 20, 2022No Comments

NLP at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveWhile many have been disappointed with missing the customary holiday celebrations, if you are someone who feels stressed and anxious simply at the thought of socialising, the restrictions on meeting up with others may have been a relief. At The Conway Practice, hypnotherapy in Harley Street for help to overcome social anxiety is available by appointment with Jonathan, or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone if you would feel more comfortable.*

Social anxiety is a common phobia and can often be traced back to earlier events and influences in your life, of which you have no conscious awareness. Do you find yourself making excuses to avoid face-to-face interaction, both in your personal and professional life? During therapeutic intervention with hypnosis, Jonathan will explore the subconscious prompts which are responsible for your fear of spending time with people where you feel you are outside of your comfort zone.*

Although phobias have emotional characteristics, the physical affects caused by an increased level of adrenylin and the ‘fight or flight’ response can feel alarming, with a raised heartbeat, nausea and trembling. These bodily reactions only add to your emotional distress when you believe they will be evident to anyone watching you.*

A fear of public speaking is related to a social phobia, where you are so concerned about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time that your words dry up completely.* Being afraid of being judged by others is often due to low self-esteem and can be linked to feelings during childhood or adolescence of underachievement compared to your peers or family members. Hypnotherapy can help you to re-set any negative beliefs and to replace these with positive affirmations.* Jonathan will introduce relaxation techniques and calming methods to enable you to manage social situations without stress and anxiety, enabling you to finally appreciate your true voice. *

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