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Overcome a Fear of Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy in Brighton

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Hypnosis for Confidence at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveAre you someone who dreads being asked to give a speech or a presentation in front of an audience? If so, you are likely to be well aware of the terms ‘tongue-tied’ or ‘words drying up’. A dry mouth and other symptoms such as an increased heart rate, nausea and excessive sweating are reactions to an emotional source which surfaces as extreme physical discomfort. Help to overcome a fear of public speaking with hypnotherapy provides a safe therapeutic intervention, without the need for medication or the reliance on alcohol as a temporary calming method.*

Speech anxiety is one of the most common phobias, often with complex origins which need to be identified. Fear is generally buried deep within the subconscious and during hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice in Brighton, Jonathan will help you to trace the root cause.* While the mind is more receptive to positive suggestion during the relaxed state of hypnosis, it becomes easier to recognise and manage the stressors which trigger negative reactions.*

Contrary to what you may believe, your fear is not likely to be directly related to speaking in public, but more closely connected to a form of social anxiety. Being afraid of facing a group of people and saying the wrong thing can link back to an embarrassing event during childhood or adolescence. The basis of these fears may stem from a specific incident or general environment in the past where you were made to feel inadequate within your peer group or in comparison to siblings.

Many people become anxious simply at the thought of being the centre of attention, experiencing a state of anxiety whether they are required to speak or not. However, the feeling of vulnerability is greatly increased when under pressure to deliver a speech or contribute to a discussion anywhere outside of your comfort zone. As with many phobias, this can be extremely self-limiting, affecting not only personal relationships and social interaction, speech anxiety can also restrict career prospects and progression.

The fear of being judged by others can feel like a threatening situation you must escape from and avoid at all costs, triggering an overwhelming adrenalyn surge and the ‘flight or fight’ response. During hypnotherapy sessions, Jonathan will help you to introduce new coping mechanisms, enabling you to create a more positive mind-set towards managing stress.*  Once you appreciate how self-belief and mental focus can be improved, you will begin to visualise success rather than failure, opening up new opportunities both personally and professionally.*

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